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API Global Advisory emphasizes relationship with customers.
Based on our ongoing relationship, we will provide advice on problem solving.
We provide four services for your various management needs.

① M & A Advisory

② Management Advisory

③ Fund Advisory

④ Executive Search


M&A Advisory Services

We provide support as advisors for the development of effective M&A strategies, and the overall practice from searching for target companies business plan & financial plan, and closing.
In negotiations, we appropriately arrange due diligence and corporate value evaluations of finance and business, etc., and manage the entire process with the aim of agreeing in a way that maximizes respect for the client's interests both in terms of cost and operation.

We provide the following service

- M&A strategies

- Searching for target companies

- Contact

- Due diligence

- Business & Financial plan

- Negotiation

- Closing the deal

Management Advisory Services

We will provide services in light of their environment, such as developing business plans, financial plans and financial policies.
We also provide introduction services by matching CVC and strategic investors.

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Funds Advisory Services

We will introduce various types of Japanese institutional investors who have a proven track record for investments in Japan and overseas.

As for fund managers, we especially have strong relationship with the US , Europe and Israel etc.

We also introduce new business opportunities such as high-tech startups and venture capital companies.

Executive Search Services

We introduce job opportunities in executive classes (CEO, COO, CFO, auditor, outside director, etc.) that are essential in the PMI  (Post Merger Integration) process in M&A.

Our extensive human network provides matching services for companies and executives.

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