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About Executive Search

It is a major premise that people who can do executive search can have dialogues with people of all genres, industries, and managers, and have the ability to interact with people on an equal basis.

In other words, it is important to have the humanity of "honesty", "humility", and "sincerity" and gain trust.

Through proven and trusted executive searchers, we further expand our talent docking reach and drive the distribution of our search business.

The points that we place importance on are as follows.

Gokan - People and Companies (Thorough Analytical Skills)

 Observe, analyze, and evaluate from five angles: front, back, vertical,

 horizontal, and oblique

Gosha (ability to develop abilities)

 Be aware of the five specializations of doctors, sects, scholars, geishas,

 and merchants


 Doctor・・・Can grasp the mental and physical situation from facial

  expressions, voice size, atmosphere

 Sect・・・Demonstrate and convince more persuasive than others

  scholar. Always be inquisitive and curious

 Scholar・・・Always be inquisitive and curious

 Geisha・・・Playfully entertains people and reduces vigilance

 Merchant・・・Always pursue profit as a for-profit company

Four-point method 1

 We look at personality, abilities, and compatibility, and develop the information obtained from dots to lines, lines to faces, and faces to three-dimensional objects. I have the image of reliably grasping the shape of each person.



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