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Search-type business

The search business belongs to the human resources distribution industry.

This talent distribution industry is divided into 4 main forms.

1. Search type

Find and introduce the best people according to the client's request.

2. Registration type

Recruit and register human resources in advance and dispatch personnel that meet the client's request.

3. Dispatch type

Hire human resources in-house and dispatch temporary staff that meets the client's needs.

4. Job placement type

Introduce the job change destination by teaching the knowledge of the employees enrolled in the client company and the know-how of preparing for the change of job.

Our company mainly uses 1.Search type.

The characteristics are "there are job openings for clients" and "looking for human resources outside".

In addition, important points in the search business are

1. Get a good company as a customer

2.To know the actual situation and form of the company

3. Always have the latest information on good referrals 

For the customer as a whole, it is important to understand the business content, industry position, business direction, product, financial content, corporate culture, etc., starting with the philosophy and management policy of the management.

In addition, we will identify and understand the balance of Career, Skills, Abilities, Personality, EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intellectual Quotient) and their health status in a short interview.

Based on the above, the suitability of the two can be accurately determined and matched.



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