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New Book

A book by Israeli entrepreneur INBAL ARIELI is published today.

Our company member of Ms. Maeda, joined as a training program for entrepreneurs supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and visited many venture companies in Israel for about three weeks to investigate the actual state of entrepreneurial activities in Israel. At that time, She met Ms. Inbal Arieli and she translated the book.

Is it possible to acquire an entrepreneurial mind?

Why is Israel succeeding as a "Startup nation"?

In this book, the author, who has developed entrepreneurial skills in the military's elite intelligence unit (8,200 units) and has led the Israeli tech industry for 20 years since starting his own business, speaks clearly about "CHUTZPAH" in Israel and how to raise it.

By Inbal Arieli

Translated by Eri Maeda

Book: ¥1800 (excluding tax)

E-book¥ ¥1440 (excluding tax)

"Entrepreneurship is never natural, and just like muscles, it can be learned and strengthened by conscious training."



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